Hi, I’m Willem. I was born in New Zealand and lived there for a while before our family moved to The Netherlands, where I currently still live. In my “normal” life I’m a mechanical engineering student. I started going on serious (solo) trips after my 18th birthday. My best trip so far is my recent round-the-world trip, which took about a year. I visited eleven countries and territories and had a great time exploring unknown areas, meeting new people and becoming more independent.

I started this travel blog for various reasons. For one, I like making websites. I’ve been building them since 2012 and this is the latest one in my portfolio. Another reason to write is that it helps me remember my own trips better; each individual article is like an entry in a diary, but with better formatting and structure. Yet another reason to write is that I feel that some of the destinations I’ve visited simple aren’t talked about a lot; I have visited lots of places where I could barely find any tourists, though they’re absolutely beautiful.